yes, cats

Yeah, that's right. I mentioned a cat. Aparently this is a blog rite of passage. And I just thought it was a kitten leaping on my lap. hehe

For the record, I am a cat person, but I'm not one to discuss them. For starters, I don't have a cat. Nor do I want one. I'm not that keen on being responsible for another living thing. I don't have plants, much less pets. I'm happy only having to look out for myself, thank you very much. I mean, I'd love to have a cat, but I'd be too scared I'd do something horribly wrong or not give them enough attention or something. And the hair would get over everything!

My interaction with cats consists of my girlfriend's three cats. She just got the kitten. Was just going to mind it for a few days as her landlord was giving it up, but the kitty grew on her. The darn thing is just so completely cute. This must be some evolutionary trait. Their cuteness is a means of survival by encouraging humans to grow attached to them while their cuteness persists. This one just oozes the cute. It's incredible sweet and affectionate. It always wants to be around people, and rushes into a room whenever you're their. Its also really playful. She has this toy called a cat dancer. Just some wood on a wire that cats aparently cannot avoid swatting at. The kitty is going nuts with the thing. It has a wall mount, too, so it can just entertain itself with the thing. Of course it leaps and flails about like the cutest thing ever. Worked, too, as he convinced my girlfriend to keep him. Her other cats are less enthusiastic, but at least warming up to him. And as long as he stops waking me up by biting my nose (I think he's trying to suckle... yeah, AW!), I'm cool with him, too. Even if he interupts my blog before I get to discuss Ben and Jerry's Organic Strawberry (not a fan) or Cabot Chedder Slices (BIG fan).

So, in conclusion, I'm a cat person but I don't want a pet. Or fish. Might want a Bonzai tree, though.

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