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Its actually kinda funny that I just saw American Splendor because one of my dream creative projects is to write and illustrate a comic book. One of many dream projects. I actually wrote a play in high school but never got to produce it. It wasn't a very good play. Loaded with unnecessary pop-culture references and all the characters sounded like me, which is a problem I have when writing fiction. I've occassionally dabled with the idea of doing a movie but I haven't got the guts to gather the kind of debt that would be needed. I still ponder it, though, if digital film-making can get realistic enough. It gets back to wanting to tell a story. Short of blogging, there aren't really good ways of doing that these days.

Its funny that a comic book has become my most attainable idea. I was never into comic books as a kids. I actually love the idea of superheros. In movies, cartoons, TV shows, I'm always a sucker for a superhero. I just could never get into comics. They were always so convoluted and difficult to jump into. But, I'm not opposed to the idea of a graphic novel and have a lot of respect to folks who do it. The other funny thing is that I can't draw. I mean, I'm better than Harvey Pekar. I can do a nice little sketch, I just can't really compose a scene. What I can do are some neat little computer graphics trace drawn from photos. I've developed a nice little style to it and its fooled me into thinking a graphic novel might be a realistic method of creative expression for me. I just need to figure out how to write a comic book. hehe. A little detail, I'm sure.

In other news, I aparently have a whooping 4 readers. Woo hoo! All who know me from Size Acceptance sites. I know some might find it weird that I haven't mentioned fat issues much yet, given how wildly passionate I am about it in other venues. I think to a large degree, I get talked out elsewhere and am frankly happy to lend my voice to the chorus at Big Fat Blog for instance, rather than just rant by myself. Either that or enter the fray that are the NAAFA boards guns a blazing. Fat politics really bother some people and they don't like that size acceptance is promoting something they don't like. Some sites are able to foster a positive and supportive atmosphere despite occassional incursions from these trolls. Two good examples I highly recommend can be found on my side links. Others aren't so great, though. Which is a shame. Trolls come in and set up shop and intimidate anyone who disagrees with them. But anyway, I'm sure I'll talk fat here, but until then, check out the BFB for all of the great folks posting there.

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