The feminine manly man.

I realized something about the "Things I'm embarassed about" post. 2 of the 3 are things that are overtly masculine. 3 if you add the unsaid "Is a big baseball fan" since most of my blog readers already know that and were already surprised to hear it. Its definetly an odd quirk about me because I genuinely am that kind of sensitive, poetic, creative guy who is very much in touch with his feminine side. And yet, I am in no way metrosexual-esque. Indeed, there are plenty of very manly things about me. That's why I understand the difference between feminene and effeminate. Effeminate really has nothing to do with how women actually act. Having feminene traits and interests really only compliment my masculine traits to make me a more rounded individual. And yet, its the manly stuff I tend to be ashamed about. Go figure.

For instance, I recently cut my hair quite short (for me, anyway) and then dyed it a very vauge shade of red. And I was asking around if people could see the dye. Here I am this big guy who is going on about his hair, but at the same time I'm not all metrosexual about it and I don't have some big hair care regimine. I like it to look good, but I don't like to fuss with it. The perfect marriage of male and female. I was also asking for opinions about an outfit I'm considering. Pairing a dark orange with an olive suit. Very autumnal, was the opinion, but it'd probably work.

All weird, but I'm happy with the result. (Now if I can just learn to spell feminine before I go into a big long post about it)

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