Happy St. Patrick's Day

I'm really angry with myself. Inspite of being Irish, I forgot to wear green today. (I've since rectified that situation and am wearing far too much green) Not only that, but I wore orange. If you didn't know, wearing orange on St. Patrick's Day is very, very, very bad. It's a show of disrespect to Irish Catholics. I know, orange is on the Irish flag, but that's because the flag was designed as a symbol of unity between the Catholics (green) and the Protestants (orange) with a field of white to represent peace between them. But that doesn't mean orange is cool with the Catholics. Orange is the color of the English protestant invaders. The people who stole land from my Irish annecestors and who to this day celebrate their invasion by marching through the streets of Catholic neighborhoods on its anniversary. Very bad form all around. I was most entirely embarassed by my faux pas.

In other housekeeping issues, I will indeed be providing a link to purchase my employer's CD when it's available. I'll be happy to take credit when we get a bunch of California orders.

Also, the TV show I raved about the other day, "Wonderfalls", will be reaired on Thursday night on FOX at 9pm. In spite of its impending fat baiting, it really is a great, smart show and there aren't enough of those on TV. Now, if only we can get a great, smart show that won't devolve into fat jokes at some point, we'll be all set. But, I fear in this cultural climate, that is not a luxury we can afford. Grrr.

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