Generalized Housekeeping

Working on a couple posts, either of which I might post later tonight, but I thought I'd just toss off some unrelated blathering now.

First off, if anyone knows of anyone looking for an apartment in Boston, please feel free to show them my way. Yeah, I know chances are none to none, but I'm getting desperate. Need to have someone by April 17 or I'm stuck paying for a 2 bedroom on my own in May. It was stupid of me to take the chance, but whats done is done. Guess I just won't get down to NYC to see the Whitney Biennial like I wanted to.

And good lord do I hate Jenny Craig. Just saw some mind-numbingly stupid commercial about some woman who was so horrified to see herself at 175 that she destroyed pictures of herself from a family vacation. And her response to her effort to erase herself from her family's memories? To make herself more appropriate for her family memories. Because God forbid she examine why she is allowing her body issues to control her life like that. No reason to work on THAT when you can just make yourself look more appropriate for a limited period of time. BUT ANYWAY....

Blue robot was gone today. One can only hope he will find the help he needs to pick up the pieces of his life and move on.

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