What to buy, what to buy.

I've been feeling very anxious about money lately. I think I'm overreacting, though, because I've been pretty good for a while now. When I first left my ex-ex-girlfriend, I rang up a lot of credit card debts in the process of getting myself together on my own. I eventually got a loan to pay them off, and haven't carried any credit card debt past the first statement since. But, my savings are very tight now, because of some slightly excessive Christmas spending. Now, it was temporary, and I've cashed in all the money coming to me to get back together, and it won't be that bad. Lucky I'm single and spending less as a result, hehe. So, though I'm panicy, its not that bad. So, I'm trying not to drive myself crazy when stuff comes along that I want. Like the toys I collect, for instance. This month is hitting me badly on that front, actually. hehe. The other thing are DVD's. Ordinarily, this is no biggie. Except that this week a local music/dvd store is having a big sale with 25% off all DVD's.

Nothing that gets my juices going like a good sale. The prospect of passing up the opportunity to get some stuff I want at the lowest price I'll ever see them is too enticing. Sure, some stuff will go down anyway, but I think I can identify those titles. But some stuff I want clearly isn't going down in price. Why not take the savings? Now, this would be simple enough if it was a couple DVD's. I've already gotten one I've wanted for a long time, and am looking at a couple others. What's going to kill me, though, is stressing over the Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD sets. I've long been a big MST3K fan, and with it off the air for good, I want something for my bot fix. These DVD sets are a great value with 4 movies in one set. Its a great way to start a collection and I'm salivating over getting them. Except, as of Tuesday, there will be 5 sets and a total of 20 movies. That ain't cheap. But, it does mean I save a ton on something I completely intend to purchase. Like $60. That's a good use of money right? Sure, I'm putting down $200 dollars, but saving $60. That's sensible, right?

Man, I hope they haven't sold the DVD's yet. I better go first thing Monday morning.

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