Things go poorly for Blue Robot

I was walking down my street tonight when I saw perhaps the weirdest thing I've ever seen lying in the street. Right there in the gutter at the corner was a blue Rock 'em, Sock 'em Robot.

This troubles me.

It was anywhere near a pile of trash or anything. Garbage Day isn't until Friday, anyway. Besides, it was at the corner, so no one would leave their trash their anyway. Its not like it was with the whole ring or the red robot. Just the blue guy all on his own.

Did he refuse to throw a fight with the Red Robot and the Robot Mafia had him beaten and left for dead? Perhaps he hobbled there from Robot Fight Club. Maybe a life of violence was deeply troubling to Blue Robot, and led him to abuse drugs and now here he lies, collapsed from a drug induced stupor.

Its all very troubling. Now, if I see Optimus Prime in the gutter tomorrow, I'll worry.

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