I am such a geek.

Actually, I'm not really. I just buy like a geek. Just looking back at all my frivalous purchases in the last month and it is such a geek fest. A whopping 20 MST3K DVDs, the latest volume of the Futurama season sets on DVD, the second set of Star Trek action figures, and the exclusive "Adventure" Kermit action figure (aka. Indiana Jones rip-off Kermit). Oh, and some other stuff I'm not mentioning because they are more geeky embarassing than geeky cool so I make a point to mention it here.

Geez, just writing that has me anxious about money again. And feeling like a super geek. I'm really not that geeky. I mean, I don't go to Star Trek conventions. I don't collect comic books. I don't play RPGs. Well, okay, I have a couple, but not nearly enough to call me a collector. I don't dress like a geek. Its just the toys and DVDs. Really, I swear.

Well, and I watch Angel. But I watch Friends, too! That more than balances it out, right?

Oh, and I blog, too.

God, I'm such a geek. And poor. That, too. Damn non-profit not paying me better. Oh, yeah. Non-profit. Opps.

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