Top 3 Embarassing things about me.

For lack of any better idea, I thought I'd shoot off a post on vaugely embarassing things about myself and my interests that I have generally avoided discussing here. Because, why not. I figure I might as well get them out of the way now instead of occassionally making a point not to mention them.

#1. I like the Grand Theft Auto video games
What I can say? Killing prostitutes is fun. Seriously, though, GTA3 and Vice City and genuinely inspired games and a very real extension of what is possible in the genre. The expansiveness and open-ended game-play model is beyond impressive. Sure, its crime and wanton destruction, but that's about the only objective that would work for fully independant game-play. Sure, each game has a psuedo story to occupy your time, but even there they went all out to insure enjoyment. The introductions are shown like a movie and star genuine movie stars. Something which has apparently really caught on. The latest James Bond video game not only allows you to a controla Bond that looks like Pierce Brosnan, he IS Pierce Brosnan. What's more, Willam Dafoe is cast as the villian just for the video game. He's an "A" list star and its not like he's just voicing some character that doesn't look like him. It really is Willam Dafoe as your nemesis. Its even got all new "Bond Girls" and John Clease reprising his role as Q. To top it all off, Oscar winner Judi Dench reprises her Bond role, too. The whole thing is presented like a movie that you get to play. And Grand Theft Auto was at the forefront of that. The voice talent for Vice City was amazing. At the end of the day, are the GTA games that much worse than other forms of Crime entertainment, like the obvious influences of Scarface and The Godfather Trilogy. And speaking of enjoying violence...

#2. I watch Professional Wrestling.
Bet you wouldn't have guessed this. Its probably the one thing I enjoy that I'm the most sheepish about because I *know* how silly it is, but I like it anyway. I grew up in Connecticut in the 80's when it was required for boys to be WWF fans. WWF was headquartered just down the road, after all, and even major stars would occassionally appear at signings in my hometown since it was so close to the HQ. It didn't hurt that it was still an underground thing back then, even as it built itself up off Hulk Hogan. But, I grew out of it. Then in college, I caught a bit of it while flipping through the channels and noticed a guy my brother had really liked as a kid was back on TV. I pointed him out and my brother got a kick out of it. Eventually, though, he really got back into it. Actually, even my mom got into it. So, I was chagrined by this, but I would also watch it while home. What can I say, it amused me. When I got back to school, I took a class on television criticism and the Professor practically begged someone to write about Wrestling. I took the bait and spent a semester very closely watching and researching Pro-Wrestling. At the end I had myself my only collegite A+ and a new hobby. Now, I'm not a crazy huge fan. I don't buy the PPVs, though I do have video games and action figures. Actually, that's what got me into collecting toys. But still, its not so much the violence I like, but the theatricallity of it. Its really a moral theater of our age. A choreographed dance of good vs. evil. But, I still know its silly and though I'm generally unapologetic, I still get sheepish about it.

#3. I am fascinated by Pokemon
There is just something about Pokemon that I find completely fascinating. The cartoon, not the card game or video games. I find it utterly amazing that they produce so many shows with so few plots. I watched a lot of it in college just because when it was on and when I was in my dorm room. Essentially, there were 5 different plots that ALL of the shows fell into.

1. Ash befriends another Pokemon trainer with a new and different Pokemon.
2. Ash captures a new Pokemon.
3. Ash wins a gym badge or other prize.
4. Ash competes in a tournament.
5. Ash says good bye to a Pokemon.

EVERY episode falls into one of those plots and they all proceed almost the exact same way. Only the details are changed. I'm not saying I like the show, just that I am amazed at how much they produce with so few ideas.

Okay, so none of those were THAT embarassing, but that was kinda what I was going for. You don't think I'd tell you anything actually embarassing, now do you?

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