However Small

I'm working on an annoucement of a CD my employer is releasing later this month. I've gotten a hold of a review copy of the CD and have been listening to it all day. Its stuff like that which really makes working for a non-profit arts organizatin worth it. Knowing I've got a hand in putting out such a fantastic product. I've had concert fatigue for a while and have been avoiding them for more than a year, even shows I know I'd love. But listening to the CD reminds me of what I love about this work.

Its really my kinda recording, too. All a capella choral music, mostly contemporary stuff. The kind of thing I loved performing back when I was a singer. Indeed, its got one of my favorite all-time choral works, the Randall Thompson Alleluia. Its all this beautiful, solumn, reflective music. Really great stuff, and listening to it makes me know why some in the office are really optimistic about the recording. Its really got the goods for a breakthrough success. We'll be doing pre-sales on our website trying to get our sales up so we can debut in the Billboard Classical Top Ten when we officiall release. Even slightly hopeful for a Grammy nomination. We shared a Grammy last year, so we have some reason to be hopeful. The concept of the album is peaceful music for reflection and what-not. But its not as intelligence insulting as those albums usually are. Its really beautiful music. And something I really feel proud to have a part in, however small.

Yay me! Oh, and hi Misty.

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