Who Would Win?

[adult swim] has been cracking me up with their latest promotion, "Flying Shark vs. Flying Crocodile Week". At first, I just thought it was a joke about the those annoying Shark/Crocodile weeks on the Discovery Channel. I figured [as] was just taking that silly little ratings gimmick and wildly exaggerating it for comedic effect. Very funny, I thought. But then, I find out that the Discovery Channel actually IS doing a "Shark vs. Croc" week and all [as] did was add the flying. And yet, that made it so much funnier because just knowing that there is actually a Shark vs. Croc week complete with robotic Sharks and Crocodiles doing battle is so funny on its own. The fact that [adult swim] was so ahead of the game on mocking something that so desperately screams out to be mocked is just genius. Did they wait for Shark vs. Croc week to happen to make fun of it? Oh, no. They identified its absurdity straight away and put all their efforts into mocking it. Complete with a Shark supporting a jet pack and a Crocodile with wings. I just can't get over that there actually IS a "Shark vs. Crocodile" week. I generous applaud [as] for understanding just how damn funny that is.

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