That sure took a while

First "not getting it" email clocks in at 12:35pm. Well, I guess there other sites mentioned that had to get them, too.

A warning to everyone preaching the gospel of weight loss, I've heard it before. Every fat person, whether self-loathing or self-accepting, has heard it before. You have nothing to say that hasn't been said thousands of times already.

This week.

As of Tuesday.

There is a reason "I did it! So can you!" is on Fat Hate Bingo. Because its a tired old line that is repeatedly passed off as a contribution to the discussion when its really just yet another attempt to end the discussion. Other sites may want to hear about how glorious weight loss is for you. I'm not one.

So don't expect me to be wowed by your tales of having beaten off your demons. Don't expect me to be cowed by your story of "achievment". Don't expect me to be proud of what you've done.

I'm not.

You think you're the first person to lose weight and preach about it to others? To preach about it to people who do not care? To preach with the self-certainty the your revealed truth will be welcomed by the heathens?

You're not.

You hate fat? Your fat, my fat, someone else's fat? I don't care. Or rather, I don't care to listen to you try to justify it to me. You won't justify it to me so its a waste of both of our times.

You think your life was hopeless while fat? Pointless while fat? Unfulfilled while fat? I don't agree. I don't need to hear you explain why you needed to hate yourself as a fat person? Because I've heard it before, and I just don't agree. I don't believe any fat person's life is hopeless. I don't believe any one's fat is unacceptable.

It is okay to be fat. The world will keep spinning. Your life will go on. You will be able to find love, happiness, and health in your fat body. I know this is true so I will not give up on anyone. I will not decide that fat hatred is okay for anyone. I will not accept fat hate, diet talk, or any other destructive activities. Those are nothing new and they've accomplished nothing. It doesn't matter if you're in the 1%. It doesn't matter if you really, really want to be thin. I don't accept fat hatred for anyone.

Not even you.

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