Um, no. I will not be a paid diet spokesperson.

I ocassionally get emails from the blog from people looking to get me to promote something. They are almost always clearly people who just culled my email address and have no awareness of what I am writing about. They are just emailing a massive number of people in the hopes someone will bite. Today, though, I got something that did show some awareness of what I right about, but absolutely no comprehension.

I'm really not sure if this is a fake. The from email address is so unprofessional that it strains credulity. Still, its not worthy trolling at the least, so I'll still share it with you. I figure I'm not the only FA blogger who got this, so feel free to chime in if you were also propositioned.

Hello, Brian.

For reasons that will become quickly apparent, I can't identify myself or the company I work with immediately.

I'm a lawyer, and one of my firm's clients is a national weight loss company. We have a marketing initiative where we find prominent writers on weight issues and pay them to try out our client's program. The pay can be substantial, starting at 1,000 dollars a week, and goes up from there, depending on a few factors, including the amount of time the writer stays with the program. We have people making six figures a year.

Two things about the initiative:

1. It doesn't matter whether or not you lose weight, as long as you stick with the program and write about it.
2. Obviously, you can't talk about the fact that you're being paid to try the program. You'll be asked to sign a non disclosure form.

If you're interested in getting started, let me know and I'll give you more details. If you're not interested, thank you for your time.

Karen Jones
It really reads like the random scam spam you always get with the whole "I can't identify myself" bit. I mean, it makes sense, though, since what is being proposed is actually against the law. Paid bloggers are required to disclose paid endorsements. I suppose the claim would be that this isn't an "endorsement", but I doubt the FTC would appreciate that distinction. The real expectation is that no one would ever know or care. Still, I wouldn't exactly praise the weight loss industry for their ethical behavior, so that hardly is a proof that its fake.

So, what do you think? A troll with too much time on his hands trying an elaborate ruse or unethical diet company trying to drum up a secret shill? Of course, either way, they don't really read this blog if they think I'd do this. Its frankly insulting to me and to you, as well. Anyone else been similarly propositioned?


Anonymous said...

I've been approached about going on a reality weight-loss show in a "spa-like" setting produced by people who've worked on "Biggest Loser", but not this.

La di Da said...

Even though my blog is/was low-traffic, I still got the odd email from people shilling diets and "health programs". As far as I cold tell, they were probably newbie marketers who had no research skills and/or thought that spamming anyone with "fat" or "weight loss" type keywords in their blog would net them something. And I still forget that to an awful lot of people, the very existence of fat acceptance is an astonishing concept. Fat people? Who DON'T want to diet? Wha?

Anonymous said...

Maybe they do read your blog, because if someone like you switched to the weight-loss camp that would be discouraging to the community of fat people who are least likely to pursue weight loss--an untapped mar

Foster kitten helped punctuate that last line.


Sleepydumpling said...

I get 'em too, but nothing like this one. Part of me wants someone to secretly take them on and bust it open from the inside!

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