So, I'm on TV and stuff

So, hello anyone who found this blog from seeing it on WBZ-TV in Boston. For anyone not in Boston, I will post video when its available. Consider this an open-thread of sorts on #ThingsFatPeopleAreTold and remember that trolling is not welcome here.


rebecca said...

Good on you!

Did Kelly Bliss really tell the reporter that she "knows she weighs too much"? I wonder.

Meowser said...

I highly doubt Kelly Bliss used that phrase to describe herself; it seems like an author's paraphrase. "I know I'm fat" sounds more like what she probably said.

But yeah, way to go Brian, getting on the teebee with this!

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Brian! I thought you looked and sounded fantastic in the video-I just wish it had less headless fatties in it!

notblueatall said...

You were great, Kelly was great, too bad the "reporters" were just terrible, but hey? Got the word out! Woo Hoo for that!!!

Sleepydumpling said...

You and Kelly both did great! It's a pity they wedged in plenty of headless fatties, but the two of you are a true credit to spreading the awareness of fat stigma.

BTW, love your suit!

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