merry december

I have a couple weeks off to celebrate the season. Going home for a week and then just hanging around for a week. Should be a nice relaxation. Work has been very stressful for a couple months and it hasn't helped that I've been sick off and on. Lots of little frustrations, too. It doesn't help that my girlfriend's been so busy with buying a house that I've hardly seen her for weeks. And even before that, we had a stretch of about two months where we were alternatingly sick. Not like I haven't seen her, its just not the full girlfriend experience. But, its understandable. Just not helping with the stress.

But, I get to go home and play with my dad's big screen television and computer. Generally not do much. And that's not bad.

So Merry December to you all, and you can still comment with an email to get my online Christmas Card. Hope life holds you well.

Opps. I forgot I've been using lower-case in my titles. Good thing I can fix that. hehe

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