people suck

Sorry. I know I haven't posted here in forever. December is my busiest time at work, especially last weekend. I actually worked both days during the Blizzard. Wheeee! And apparently people in Massachusetts completely freak out in the face of snow, buying bread like they are getting trapped for winter. But, I keep thinking of things to write about, really. I just usually collapse long before I can get around to writing them. So what finally inspired my return to the blog? Me being pissed of. Sorry to do this to you, but my friend at work has left early and my girlfriend is busy buying a house and out of range for me to bitch to, so you get stuck with it.

People really suck sometimes.

I went to lunch today. I was only buying lunch because I've been too exhausted and sick to get into work on time, much less make a sandwich on the way here. So, I went out for pizza. My favorite place, unfortunetly, was out of Sicilian which is the only stuff they do right, so rather then wait for hot sicilian (which is not that good to begin with, and would be undercooked because that's what they do when someone is waiting) I went next door to a lesser pizza joint with higher prices. Not much higher, but considering a better place is right next door it still strikes me as pretty ballsy.

Anyway, I get my pizza, and they stick two pieces of Sicilian on a paper plate. Not a great set-up, but whatever. Problem is, some guy is crowding me to begin with and as I'm trying to get off to a table, he bumps me causing me to drop the pizza. So there is $5 wasted. An accident, sure, but caused by him crowding me to begin with. The real kicker is, the guy doesn't even acknowledge any of this. Acts like its all on TV or something and didn't involve him. Doesn't apologize at all, even after I glared at him. Really pissed me off. Mostly, though, because I'm not out $5. I spend money on some frivilous things, but I utterly hate wasting money. Drives me insane. Really just bothers me very deeply. Not sure why, because its not like I'm a spend-thrift. I just like getting my money's worth on things, and getting litterally nothing just doesn't sit right at all with me. It just leaves me completely crest-fallen and upset.

So, that's what just happened to me. Sorry to stick you with it, but I had to get it out to someone. Stay tuned for something better later. I promise.

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