Glorifying obesity

Hey, did you hear? Fat activists are glorifying obesity. That's what the concern trolls keep saying. You know, like how gay rights activists are glorifying the homosexual lifestyle? I guess we should all just pack it in. They're on to us.

Of course, its a deeply silly accusation. At least, a deeply silly one for fat activists to take seriously. Its just a fancy way of saying "but don't you know fat is bad?" That is ALL it says, only coming from an individual entirely unwilling to take responsibility for their promotion of fat stigmatization and fat shame. They want to believe they aren't that kind of person. Oh, no. They just shame and stigmatize anyone who suggests fat people shouldn't be shamed and stigmatized. Sadly, this has come to represent "moderate" views on fatness. They don't want to be responsible for shaming fat people, but they are all too happy to condemn any fat person who doesn't feel disgraced by their body.

You know what, though? Maybe we are glorifying fatness. We certainly are by their standards. By their standards, "normal" is some state of glory to which fat people are not welcome. Well, screw that. I want to glorify fat people who resist the shame and stigmatization. I want to praise fat people who endure all manner of injustice and keep on fighting. I want to honor the fat people who stand up and demand respect. Fat people are awesome. Fat people kick ass. Fat people deserve glory. We just don't think anyone else needs to be disgraced or shamed for us to be glorified.

So, let's glorify fatness. If that just means we don't apologize for not being ashamed, that's the kind of glory I can absolutely get behind.


Shaunta said...

Me, too. Awesome post.

Anonymous said...

I think it is pretty admirable for a fat person to live without shame of their body and fight back against discrimination. I will totally glorify that.

dee.calarco said...

Thanks for that.

wriggles said...

You've got an OH YEAH over here.

Twistie said...

I'm fat and I'm pretty damn glorious. If anyone has a problem with that, well then that's their problem, not mine.

If recognizing the wonder and fabulosity of the human condition without apologizing for the shape of my body is 'glorifying obesity' then I will simply fix you with my laser eyes and keep on dancing.

JupiterPluvius said...

Glorifying getting out of a potentially deadly game that one has, at best, a 5% chance of "winning"? I am so down with that noise.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the sister phrase, "You're promoting obesity." Near as I can figure out, what it really means is that you're not expressing undying hatred for it.


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