So, I was on TV again

The story I posted last week from WBZ-TV in Boston had actually gotten its start as a story intended for CBS-3 in Philadelphia and their version of the story was aired tonight and can be seen on their website. As a news geek, I'm fascinated at how the two stations took the same content and edited it into two very different stories. I'm happy with both, but I feel like the new CBS-3 story is actually more true to what the hashtag was trying to accomplish. Even if you watched the story last week, this one is actually largely new and well worth checking out.


Mrs. Sprat said...

The story came out great! Glad it all worked out even without my help. Your courage is inspiring! I just wish they didn't refer to us as "overweight people" but baby steps, right?

Are you planning on attending the NAAFA conference this year in DC?

Anonymous said...

You did a great job on that, and looked adorable and hot, too. I've been sending people the link to this story - not super evolved people but people open to new ideas.

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