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My girlfriend and I broke up tonight. Her call, but I can't say I really had much to disagree with. Its nice, but its been going nowhere fast. And she's been a little testy with me lately, and didn't want it to get worse, which is certainly a good idea. I was feeling about the same way, but I guess I was just hoping to get some of the nice times back again. I felt like we weren't getting to be together much lately, and I missed that. My one regret is that we weren't really able to get back there before calling it quits. There was one night a couple weeks that was just really nice.

But, ultimately, all it ever got was nice. Its sad, because its not like it was anything bad or really difficult. But it was just nice. Its a weird feeling. I mean, a lot of me is really sad, but also releaved that she said it and I didn't have to. It just confused me. Its not easy to break up with someone just because its only nice. But, better to break up now before we get to a point where we resent each other.

So, here I am. Single again, and again worried. Took a quick glance at online personals and was quickly depressed at the "full figured but working on it" posts. Finding someone who is into fat acceptance isn't easy. I really loathe the BBW Dance scene. They've gotten so that you've got many more women focused on weight loss than not, and that's just depressing. Not to mention the fact that I tend to be shy when I meet people, and don't really have a circle of friends in Boston to go to a BBW dance with. Even there, I can't feel like a woman is going to really want to be with an FA.

But its a little early to get fatalistic, I imagine. Oh well.

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