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I want to again plug the Romeo Void episode of Bands Reunited on VH1. It was just a great episode which handed everything so well. It delt with Debora's size in an honest and respectful manner that was just so great to see. It was a lot of fun to watch and I just wish we got more concert video. I suggested to some others that if the series is a hit, VH1 might run the concerts. Wishful thinking, I know. Maybe a DVD release, though.

More than my personal interest in this episode, I'm really liking what I've seen from the series. It could have been a real kitsch fest, but it genuinely isn't. It's part Behind the Music, part Where are They Know, and part Reunion Tour. For all of the gimmick of the show's set-up, it works because the host is so sincere and genuine. This isn't meant to be some off-shoot of "I Love the 80's". It comes off as a real reflection upon the great bands of the 80's and a study in personalities of those involved. Honest, but positive, and giving a full appraisal of all of the band members. The two episodes so far have actually focused more on the non-lead singers, which is a real kick to see. They really respect the idea of the band and the episodes also serve to educate people about why bands are more than their front men/women. I'm already hooked on the first two episodes, and highly recommend it. I'm mildly concerned about what happens when the Reunion doesn't work. It has to come up at some point. That's got to be pay-off of the series. It can't all be positive. I wonder how that will effect the genuine spirit of the show. But I'm cautiously optimistic. Its just so much fun and a really neat show for the pop-cult network, VH1.

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