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Hey, remember when I used to post silly little pop cult things and people actually read this blog? Lets try that again...

I haven't been to the movies for a couple months. My girlfriend hurt herself when moving into her new house and has been slow to recover. A consequence is that she can't really sit for very long so movies have been out of the question. So, I'm getting a bit pent up with movies I want to see, so I figured I'd give my thoughts about 4 movies I haven't seen but want to.

Return of the King
In spite of my geek tendancies, the Lord of the Rings triology was one bit of geekiness I never got into. (Never played D&D, either; I guess the whole fantasy geek thing missed me) So, I've been encountering the movies as a first-timer. I must say, I'm impressed. The movies have been really engaging and exciting. I actually skipped the first one in the theaters because I was fairly disinterested, but when I saw it on DVD, I was looking forward to the second film. Since then, I've been eager for the finale. Obviously, it'll be in the theaters for a while more since its the Oscar front-runner, but it'll still be the first film I want to see.

Big Fish
I'm a fairly big Tim Burton fan, so I'm also eager for this movie. It looks great and I've heard plenty of good things. Ewan McGreggor and Albert Finney are both always good, so that's a plus. And it looks like Burton's film that finally gets him some attention. (Which really should have been Ed Wood) Anyway, it has all the elements of a movie I'll enjoy, so its a strong #2 on my list of films to see.

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton
Here is one I'm not so sure about, so I'm wondering if anyone's seen it. I'm a big fan of Topher Grace. It seems like a sweet little romantic comedy with a mildly antiquated concept. I'll probably end up just renting it, because it doesn't have a real must-see vibe to it, but if I hear really good things I might change my mind.

The Butterfly Effect
Yes, Ashton Kutchner's movie. I know, I know. But maybe he is a decent actor who just hasn't gotten a good part to show it. The concept is very interesting to the geek in me. Time Travel is a cool concept, and the idea of a time travel movie where all time travel ever does is seriously screw everything up. It does, aparently, have a plot line which I know will really freak me out as it deals with one my admittedly irrational but overwhelming fears, but it also has Ethan Suplee, who's always cool. (I actually just got an action figure of Suplee for his character from Mallrats) He's a great actor (and supposedly a very cool guy, too) but he's never really gotten his due. It's almost surreal that they are mentioning him by name in the commercials.

So, that's it for now. Just laying low this weekend. Turned 26 on Friday. Whee. Hope all is well out there in cyberspace.

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