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Just wanted to pimp for something I think a lot of my readers will be interested in. Coming this Tuesday as part of VH1's Bands Reunited series they'll be doing an episode on the 80's band Romeo Void. Why should you care about Romeo Void?

Debora Iyall, that's why. Forgeting for a moment that Romeo Void had some of the most exciting and daring lyrics and music of the day (and even more so compared to the cookie-cutter pop of today), lyricist and lead singer Dee Iyall is one of the few real life fat pop stars. Watching a video of the band on their VH1 site is almost unbelievable. They may have been able to hide Carnie Wilson in her videos, but there is no way to avoid a lead singer completely. Seeing a fat woman in that setting is so far outside one's experience. I've loved what I have heard of Romeo Void and look forward to getting to see them in concert as part of special. Iyall, by the way, is very fat positive. She designed the original logo for Fat!So? and did the photography on perhaps the two most recognizable "Anatomy Lessons" from Fat!So?: Belly and Butt. Unquestionably someone worth supporting and I'd encourage all of my readers to spread the word about her appearance on VH1's Bands Reunited this Tuesday at 10pm (Eastern) with her band Romeo Void.

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