Fat Hate Bingo: Now in T-Shirts!

I've already got some fantastic ideas for Fat Hate Bingo 2, but in the mean-time I've used my minor notority with this as an excuse to finally set up a cafepress site. So, if for some insane reason you feel the need to wear "Fat Hate Bingo", you've got an option.

Visit the Red No. 3 Cafe Press store here.

I'll probably get around to doing more with this eventually, but its just Fat Hate Bingo right now. I'm thinking about making shirts for some of the individual squares from the Bingo card, too. Specifically "The law of
thermodynamics says you’re a liar" and "Fat people have it far too easy in our society" but I'll take suggestions.

Oh, and as long as I'm inflating my ego, I kinda want a tagline on the back of the shirts. Right now I just put up a hastily designed logo, but I'd like to put the URL with a slogan of some sort. My quick idea was "Bringing Fat Back" but that might be too corny. Any thoughts?

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