It actually now exists.

Yes, that's right. Its the first "Fat Hate Bingo" T-Shirt, of which my girlfriend is the proud owner. You can tell its the first because it still has the stupid typos I made on FHB2. (Sorry Cristin) She actually hasn't seen it yet, but I'll see if she wants to model it for anyone interested. I have to say, having not seen CafePress product before, I'm pretty impressed. Its of pretty decent quality. I was expecting it to look a little cheap, but it really doesn't.

Amazingly enough, someone else actually ordered the shirt who is not my girlfriend. I'll actually tell you right now that if by some freak of nature I sell enough Fat Hate Bingo shirts to pay for a premium membership at CafePress, I'll so. That'll allow a wider selection of fat positive wares designed by yours truly. I'm sure it'll amuse me to no end, so just know what you'll be subjected to if you encourage me. (Also, be aware that a LOT of you will have to encourage me, so don't get your hopes up.) My self-importance may well know no bounds, so test it at your peril.

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