Me!Me! Roth has claimed to have gotten death threats thanks to her belittlement of Jordan Sparks. I know the threat was probably not serious, but that doesn't matter. Its not acceptable to wish people dead or fantasize about them dying because you don't agree with them. Even really mean and stupid people like Me!Me! Roth. Its just not okay. Whatever instinct you may have to belittle her for complaining about people wishing her dead, don't. She's right. The problem are the people who wished her dead, not her receiving such threats.

Of course, Me!Me! getting death threats just gets her more press. When my death was publicly fantasized about by a fat-hate crusader, it got me banned from NAAFA who wanted to placate the bigots. Didn't work. NAAFA's public forums shut down a couple months later. It also got me mocked by Big Fat Blog's creator who later approvingly linked to an article written the guy who wished me dead while "reaching out" to the fat hate site where the threat was posted along with far worse death threats about actually productive fat activists. So wishing a fat-hate promoter dead gets her press coverage. Wishing a fat activist dead gets them shunned and you praised by "fat acceptance". If you want to be pissed off by Me!Me! Roth's announcement, that's a good place to start. Just don't be upset at her for this. Much as it pains me to say it, she's right in at least this narrow sense. Wishing her dead is completely unacceptable.

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