Oh, no they didn't

I'm sitting here just stunned. I log into MySpace and see that I have a message. Oh, what must that be? I've actually gotten messages from a couple Red No. 3 readers in the last week (thanks!) so was actually clicking the link with eager anticipation.

Then I saw it was from "Lap Band Expert". Then I opened it. Sure enough, he was urging me to consider mangling my digestive system. In fact, he wanted me to help promote his stomach destroying procedure to my friends, too. I'm sickened at the thought of him spamming everyone on my friends list. A lot aren't fat accepting and I'm upset that some Tijuana surgeon might prey on people like this because he found them through me.

Like I said, I'm just stunned. Its not like this isn't something I've seen before. Heck, got weight loss spam right here just last week. But there is still something awful and distressing about seeing it. Especially for something as odious as WLS. I don't talk much about WLS here. Partly because I think others do it better than I could hope, too. (thanks, Sandy!) Partly because its frankly overwhelming. I mean, fat people are dying because of this. They are being disabled for the rest of their lives. Their quality of life is crippled in the name of surgical anorexia. This is scary and its upsetting. I'm worry about what is going to happen in the name of WLS.

Just look at the "Lap Band" that this guy is such an expert in. Its constantly exalted as safer because its reversable. Am I the only one who is scared by that reasoning? "Its safer because you might be able to stop what this does to you!" You know what's even safer? Not screwing around with a healthy and properly working system of your body.

The stakes are so high with WLS. I feel like that message was a punch to the gut. But at least it gave me a reason to link to some of Sandy Szwarc's great reporting on the issue.

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