Bingo Fashion Show

So, after all of my self-important blathering about my Fat Hate Bingo T-Shirts and related products, I thought you might like to see the final products for anyone who doesn't have a shirt of their very own. And if you're not interested, tough luck because I'm still posting it.

First up, we have me modeling the Red 2XL Ringer T for Fat Hate Bingo. Click on it for a closer view. The bingo card is a little smaller than I may have liked, but I was quite happy with how the colors came out. The red on the collar rings is really vibrant, too. Nice stuff. Shame the 2XL has a $2 surcharge, though.

Following that, we have the Red 2XL Baseball Jersey for Fat Hate Bingo 2. Again, click on it for a closer view. Like the ringer T, this modeled by yours truly. I'm not only the designer, I'm also a client.

Next we have the first Bingo shirt ever made the Plus-Size V-Neck T for Fat Hate Bingo 2, purchased by my lovely girlfriend Cristin who is modeling it here. Wanna guess what happens when you click on the image? In case you are curious, I hate the mark-up they do on plus-size shirts, too. I take less of a commission on the plus-size shirts to try to compensate.

Finally, for any dogs out there, we have the Dog T-shirt for Fat Hate Bingo 2 modeled by Cristin's Jackaua Dino. He was remarkably patient about putting on the T-shirt, I must admit.

My thanks to everyone who has purchased their own Bingo shirts and related products. I really appreciate it and I do think I'm going to bite the bullet and expand my offerings by getting a premium account. I figure it'll be a donation to myself, but I'm eager to help promote the fat blogging community with my background in graphic design. Look for news on that in the next week, and by all means offer your suggestions for future T-Shirts and other items.

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