Diets Don't Work, Film at Never

Via the F Word, I see a story declaring the stunning news that diets don't work. A startling development, obviously. Completely unheard of and worth of considerable media attention.

Except, of course, that we have heard this before. Indeed, we've heard this every time that dieting has been closely examined with regards to its effectiveness. Each time, the media glances at the story, but never really does anything with the information. Its always right back to portraying the the horror of teh fatness. Indeed, MSNBC's own site is heralding how fatness makes me less of a man, how injections will help me lose weight, how exercise doesn't count when you're a fatty, and the wonders of stomach amputation. Indeed, I'd be willing to be that this study will be used to justify stomach amputation. After all, if dieting doesn't work...

Nothing, of course, is shaking the scientists involved in the story. They are just going to "do better". I wonder if that means finding a way to massage the data into place or just continuing to clap louder and hope that eventually the fat decides to go away. Of course, they also pat themselves on the back for finding the massive weight loss of 10 lbs or so and go on about how wonderful and beneficial it is to lose just 10lbs. That is really one of the biggest disconnects no one ever calls fat haters on. If its so great if I lose 10lbs and that would make me so healthier, what about the person who RIGHT NOW weighs 10 lbs less than me? See, they are getting told the same thing. That their current size is completely awful, but if they just lose 10lbs. Or the person who weighs 10lbs more than I do. I'm their goal. But I thought my size was intolerable? How does any of this make sense?

It doesn't. Its just a response to their failure being laid out for all to see. They are just pivoting into a new stance which makes no sense. Because they won't accept me if I manage to lose 10-15lbs. I'll still be intolerably fat. Just like the person who needs to lose 10-15lbs to be my size and so on and so forth. How about we all accept our bodies for what they are instead of putting everyone perminantly 10-15lbs away from acceptance.

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Issa @ LoveLiveGrow said...

I found this post while researching a "Diets Don't Work" post of my own, and I love your point about how useless that 10 pounds is. If you lose it? Still fat. If the person 10 pounds heavier loses it? Still fat. I was just looking at a study where the women's weight loss after a year (a year!) was 4 pounds. That's astonishing. It's astonishing that anyone can call that weight loss with a straight face.

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