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As I eluded in my Bingo fashion show, I'm planning on getting a premium Cafepress account so I can expand my fat positive wares beyond Bingo related shirts. I just want to develop some additional merchandise before launching the store. To that end, I've got some possible designs I wanted to share to see what everyone thought. These are really brainstorming ideas at this point. I may use none of them, I may use all of them. Right now, just wondering what other people think. So, on with the show...

Sort of a mash-up of the "500 lbs!" Bingo square and Joy Nash's call to tell people what you weigh from her Fat Rant. Very in-your face but also very simple.

Another allusion to Bingo, redressed as a message of defiance. I think I can design it better, though.

I cracked a joke with my girlfriend referring to myself as a "fat fascist". Basically mocking the "extremist" tag I'm often marginalized with. Design wise, I'm being willfully ironic to drive home the joke, merging "fascist" with communist iconography. Which no one would get. This is all far too "inside" to be worth making, but I figured I'd share all the same.

Now this, on the other hand, I really like. Very simple but very effective, I think, transposing "Fat Free" to read "Free Fat". Plus it allows me a little self-promotion with the Red No. 3 filling in for one of the E's.

Again evoking a Bingo card but ironically as the dieter's "I did it. So can you." is subverted into an endorsement of body acceptance. I'm considering swapping out "Accept" for "Love". Love is clearly a stronger verb, but I actually think the softer "Accept" may work better all the same. Have to consider that.

Here, I obviously did go for the "Love". Another diet slogan subversion of the oldie "Lose Weight Now. Ask Me How" promos. I like these last two as they are positive and affirming, which brings me to the final demo for the day...

This is my slogan at my MySpace profile so I'm carrying it over to here. I like it because it projects positivity outward and for all of my ranting and grumpiness, that is a message I'd like to project. Instead of a self-affirmation, it directs itself to the reader, engaging them. While not body positive in any specific way, I still like the message.

So that's what I've got for now. Not sure when I'll launch any of these, but figured a bit of focus testing for myself instead of my employer can't hurt.

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