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I've long had for zero tolerance for trolls and generally delete them on sight and ban IP addresses for a period of time. This doesn't have to be the choice for everyone, but it is the choice for me thanks to forums where trolls were free to post while community members were banned for responding to them. Anyway, this keeps most of my readers from seeing the garbage that gets posted here and while that's quite by design, sometimes I wish people could see just what our "critics" really think of us and see why so many fat activists have so little patience for "polite" trolls.

See, my own personal troll adopts the "polite" troll persona some of the time. They play innocent for authority while shooting spitballs when teacher's back is turned. I've learned to be at best cynical of "concern trolls", and spitballs like the one I got today are the reason why.

Brian Fan!!!: I love your work, and love the t-shirts!

I have one suggestion.

Maybe make fewer squares in the fat bingo t-shirts? Maybe three by three?

The problem is, you have to get really close to read the writing.

And judging by the pictures of the models you have, the people who will actually wear the shirts are going to be sweaty and smelly, with a slight cheese odor wafting from the folds of their skin.

Keep up the good work!

Yep. That was in referring to this post, by the way. Now, part of me is still hurt by this kind of cruelty. Especially here where it seems to be directed at my girlfriend as well. But I just can't be. I can't let myself be hurt. What am I upset about? "Fat people smell like cheese!" Has he/she been saving that one up since 2nd grade, or just reusing it since then? Its profoundly stupid and mindlessly hateful. Emphasis on mindlessly. And this is the face of fat acceptance criticism. Time and again, this is what it comes down to and the oh-so-innocent face of our rivals rarely spares any time decrying this. More often, the "respectable" camp insists the problem is that we're too sensitive. We don't have a sense of humor.

Oh, and we're smelly and sweaty. But don't tell anyone they said that. They have to maintain their respectability, don't ya know?

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